Pocket-oven, model TT


This single lane or dual lane vertical drying oven is made for drying or curing of water based compounds (WBC) in lids. In a special design, this oven type can be also used for repair coatings of easy-open lids with up to 4 lanes. The pocket-oven TT can be delivered with electrical- or gas heating.


Main features:

  • the oven works as a convection dryer with horizontal laminar air flow
  • the oven can be easily connected to a synchronized compound lining machine
  • the pocket system transports the products in a safe and non-abrasive manner
  • different shapes of products can be transported without any difficulties and modifications (round, oval, rectangular, etc.)
  • friction will be avoided and thus allows drying of lacquered- or other scratch sensitive parts
  • continuous temperature control
  • due to the optimal air cross flow through the lids, a dryness of up to 97% after curing can be reached
  • low maintenance costs due to heat resistant plastic pockets